Here are five beneficial yoga poses for exercising women during pregnancy.

Exercising and having a healthy diet leads to a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby. Pregnant women are encouraged to stay active while prioritizing rest during pregnancy to weather the pregnancy and their delivery.

Drinking a lot of water and eating fruits and vegetables can boost the immune system serving as a barrier against health issues. Pregnant women are encouraged to consider prenatal yoga for their range of benefits.

Prenatal yoga help expecting mothers prepare for labor by increasing their strength and improving the flexibility and endurance of muscles. Practicing yoga during pregnancy also reduces stress and anxiety on the mother and decreases lower back pain.

Their sleep patterns also improve significantly reducing headaches. Advanced yoga techniques are not needed to be learned by expecting mothers but these basic five poses are beneficial.

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#1. Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana)

Bound Angle Pose targets the hips, thighs, and knees. It opens the hips and the thighs wider making it easier for childbirth. This pose eases knee pain, aids with sore feet, and reduces overall body fatigue.

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How to do it:

1. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched straight in front.

2. Bend your knees and pull your heels closer to your pelvis.

3. With the sole of your feet pressing against each other, try to pull in your heels and place your hands on your ankles.

4. Try and hold the pose for one to five minutes. 

5. Repeat it two to four times.

#2. Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

The Easy Pose is more of a meditation pose. This pose calms the mind and helps fight stress and anxiety. It targets the back and hips and opens up the hips while reducing lower back pain.

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How to do it:

1. Sit on the edge of a cushion allowing your pelvis to tilt forward.

2. Cross the right leg over the left leg.

3. Place hands in any comfortable position.

4. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.

5. Hold this position for up to one minute.

6. Repeat on the other side.

#3. Side Corpse Pose (Parsva Savasana)

The Side Corpse Pose is a restorative pose for relieving fatigue and enhancing relaxation. Savasana targets and soothes the mind.

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How to do it:

1. Lie on your left side.

2. Keep left leg straight.

3. Bend the right knee and support it with cushions.

4. Place a cushion under your head.

5. Relax in this position for 15 minutes.

#4. Wide Knee Child Pose

The Wide Knee Child Pose relieves the pressure of a growing belly and widens the hips preventing complications during delivery. The pose targets the abdomen, back, and hips and helps relieves back pain.

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How to do it:

1. Kneel on a yoga mat and ensure your heels are touching your buttocks with your big toes touching.

2. Gently lay on your chest down.

3. Allow your forehead to touch the mat.

4. Extend your arms straight ahead with your arms resting flat on the ground.

5. Relax and hold the pose for three minutes.

#5. Standing Side Stretch

The Standing Side Stretch is a yoga pose designed to reduce back pains, improve upper body flexibility and reduce shoulder stiffness.

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How to do it:

1. Stand in a straight position with your arms by your side.

2. Let your big toes touch each other with your heels slightly apart

3. Raise your arm over your head and place the other arm on your knee

4. Draw an invisible arch with your raised arm, extending them to your far side while pushing the hip in the opposite direction.

Prenatal yoga has many advantages for expectant mothers, but it is crucial to pay attention to your body. Please do not push yourself past your limits; instead, take breaks whenever you need them.

To avoid health issues, consult your doctor before beginning prenatal yoga.

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Written by: Adwoa Afriyie Jantuah, Wed, Feb 08, 2023.


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